Restaurant History

The restaurant - Mexican Hacienda bar opened in June 2003 in Givisiez, around Fribourg. It immediately had great success with the public, which appreciates the Mexican culinary tradition. Not only the restaurant makes you discover various Mexican dishes, but it takes you to a special atmosphere to this culturally rich country. Indeed, the fountain, tables, glasses and restaurant decoration were brought directly from Mexico. All those who have met the country during a trip will recognize right away that traditional atmosphere. .

The Hacienda's bar is a typical Mexican bar that reflects the exhilaration of Mexico through its drinks. Guests can enjoy our cocktails with Tequila, as the Margarita, and various cocktails. For those who prefer soft drinks we offer, among other things, the delicious "agua de Jamaica", a cold tea made from hibiscus flowers. The bar also offers a variety of Mexican beers and wines of Baja California.

The Mexican culture

Mexico is a surprising and magical country, marked by pre-Columbian civilizations and the Spanish colonization. It contains the most beautiful landscapes and varied: the desert cactus with its famous for, unique Caribbean beaches, the volcano area and the virgin forests southeast of the country. The traveler is welcomed by friendly people, a pervasive pre-Columbian culture, archaeological sites and stunning colonial cities.

What is a Hacienda originally?

As in a real Hacienda, our restaurant offers various independent rooms grouped around a sort of patio. The fountain therein gives a very special serenity to the lower level of the restaurant, while the structure of the original farm has been preserved in its original appearance.